May 1, 2021

Book of Poems, Poetry


Every now and then
that faint background hum
unexpectedly surfaces
needing little
it sharpens to a wrenching throb
becomes caught 
in the heart
a heavy tangle of 
Usually it is a moment 
of unwarranted kindness
an intrusive softness
that causes me to crumble inward
upon myself,
this ocean to well up
in my throat
only getting bigger
with each realization that it cannot 
sprout wings
and fly me home cannot
pick up the oars 
and paddle the boat 
this ocean of desire cannot
close its eyes
and click its red heels cannot
wish me there. There is
no place. 
Nothing to do with it
but to pour it out
upon my deepening roots
nourish my outstretched tendrils
until the throb returns
to a low hum. 

    1. This poem touched me so deeply when I first read it that I had to just let it be in my body and soul for a while…a good long while. And this morning my heart and soul are so glad to have touched yours at ‘home”.

        1. I am so looking forward to talking together about this when you visit!

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