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Zhengbin Fishing Harbor

Visit The Colorful Zhengbin Fishing Harbor : Things to do in Keelung #3

When I think of iconic Keelung places, the one that immediately springs to mind is the Zhengbin Fishing Harbor. In fact, if you search “Keelung” in instagram, this is one of the spots you’ll see most of. Built during Japanese colonial rule in 1934, it was once Taiwan’s biggest fishing port. It has, since, become a much more sleepy part of town. *COVID-19* note: please be aware that during Taiwan’s Level 3 alert, business hours listed in this post may...

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A Keelung Day Trip:The Secret Spot Itinerary

The most common Keelung day trip is likely, in my estimation, some combination of Zhongzheng Park, Miaokou Night Market and Maritime Plaza, adjacent to the cruise ship dock. Maritime Plaza is a great place to see the harbor, while Zhongzheng Park offers views from above along with some local culture, and Miaokou is a classic Keelung haunt, not to mention its island-wide fame. I love all three of these places, and this is a fine itinerary, but Keelung has so...